Dharmendra and his co-stars

  1. Pick the odd man out and why.
    a) Biswajit
    b) Manoj Kumar
    c) Joy Mukherjee
    d) Shashi Kapoor
  2. Pick the odd woman out and why.
    a) Vyjayanthimala
    b) Hema Malini
    c) Babita
    d) Rajashri
  3. From the below, name Dharmendra’s first co-star.
    a) Manoj Kumar
    b) Rajendra Kumar
    c) Sunil Dutt
    d) Shammi Kapoor
  4. From the below, with whom has Dharmendra worked in the maximum number of films.
    a) Shatrughan Sinha
    b) Shashi Kapoor
    c) Amitabh Bachchan
    d) Jeetendra
  5. Which of the below villains made his debut in a Dharmendra-starrer?
    a) Ranjeet
    b) Shakti Kapoor
    c) Amrish Puri
    d) Gulshan Grover
  6. Name Dharmendra’s first leading lady.
  7. A contemporary of Dharmendra, he acted alongside him as a lead hero, but could not scale the dizzying heights that Dharmendra reached. Who are we talking about?
    (Hint: It was one of the Dharmendra-starrers from 1963)
  8. From the below stars, who is NOT a fan of Dharmendra?
    a) Salman Khan
    b) Akshay Kumar
    c) Ajay Devgn
    d) Govinda
  9. Dharmendra has the distinction of starring with his contemporaries as well as their sons. But which of the star son has he not worked with till date? (Name any one)
  10. A very famous movie which Dharmendra almost left midway, had it not been due to his wellwishers. Which movie are we talking about? and why did he want to leave it midway? (Hint: The movie catapulted him into stardom in the 1960s)
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7 Responses to Dharmendra and his co-stars

  1. dustedoff says:

    I have to start off by saying that I’m not even trying to attempt to answer all of these questions. Too, too difficult! But here goes with some:

    1. No idea…
    2. He never acted with Rajshree?
    3. I’m confused about this – I thought his first film was Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere, in which case his co-star would’ve been Balraj Sahni
    4. Amitabh?
    5. Amrish Puri?
    6. Kumkum (Assuming his first film was Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere)
    7. Need more clues!
    8. ?
    9. Hrithik Roshan
    10. ?

    Now I can barely wait for the answers!

  2. 1 Joy Mukherjee they never worked together
    2 Rajshree same reason as dusted off
    3 Rajendra kumar i’m thinking for Ayee milan ki bela
    4 Jeetendra
    5 no idea as Amrish was in Prem Pujari which was a Dev starrer, Shakti kapoor acording to imdb was Do Jasoos a Raj kapoor vehicle Ranjeet in sawan bhadon which had Navin and Gulshan Gover in Hum paanch which had Mithun alogside others
    6 Kum Kum as per dusted off
    7 Tarun bose????
    8 Govinda
    9Abhishek bachan
    10 Ayee milan ki bela

  3. actually 10 is Phol aur patthar

    • gbk says:

      Bollywood dewaana.. How u doin Bro and how is your great blog doing. Have not visited it for a while now, but am sure you are doing great….

      Nice to have you around as always..Cheers!!!!…..

  4. dharamgaram says:

    Many thanks to Dusted Off and Bollywood Deewana to have attempted this quiz. Posted below are the answers to each of the questions. Will try and make the next quiz more interesting.

    1. Joy Mukherjee – He has never co-starred with Dharmendra till date. With Biswajit, he has co-starred in ‘Ishq Per Zor Nahin’ (1970), Manoj Kumar in ‘Shaadi’ (1962) & ‘Maidaan-E-Jung’ (1995) and with Shashi Kapoor in ‘Krodhi’ (1981).

    2.Hema Malini – She’s the only leading lady from the list who has co-starred opposite Dharmendra in more than one movie. With Vyjayanthimala, he’s starred in ‘Pyar Hi Pyar’ (1969), Babita in ‘Kab Kyon Aur Kahan’ (1970) and with Rajashri in ‘Mohabbat Zindagi Hai’ (1966). 🙂

    3. Shammi Kapoor – The key point is “From the below…”. Shammi was the Dharmendra’s first co-star in ‘Boy Friend’ (1961). From others, Manoj Kumar first starred with him only in ‘Shaadi’ (1962), Rajendra Kumar in ‘Aayi Milan Ki Bela’ (1964), and Sunil Dutt in ‘Badle Ki Aag’ (1982)

    4. Shatrughan Sinha – With whom he’s starred in over 15 movies so far. With Shashi Kapoor, its only two, with Amitabh Bachchan 4 and with Jeetendra, 11 movies.

    5. Shakti Kapoor – who made his debut with ‘Khel Khiladi Ka’ (1977).

    6. Kumkum – his first leading lady from ‘Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere’ (1960).

    7. Sailesh Kumar who starred with Dharmendra in Begaana’ (1963) and ‘Kaajal’ (1965)

    8. Ajay Devgn – All others are self-confessed fans.

    9.Quite a few star sons with whom Dharmendra has not starred yet -Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor,

    10. ‘Phool Aur Paththar’ (1966) – which Dharmendra left mid-way since he felt that the director O. P. Ralhan was ‘nasty’.

    • gbk says:

      Yes Boss as I dont think he has starred opposite Tushaar Kapoor, Akshay Khanna or even Fardeen Khan as well….

      …and I think you are wrong about Ajay Devgan. In a filmfare Magazine of 92, Ajay Devgan was asked about how he felt when Dharmendra referred to him as his Third son while presenting him the filmfare most sensational debut award for “Phool aur Kaante” and this is what he had to say:
      “I have known Dharamji all my life. Because Dad and He have worked together for so many years, we have come to know each other’s families pretty well. As a kid I used to go Ga Ga while watching his films and I must say it was indeed a honour for me to receive such award from an actor I have admired all my life. Bobby and I were in college together and we are good friends. So it was natural that dharamji should express his affection for me”…

      Shashi ji, apart from Krodhi which other film did Shashi Kapoor co star alongside Dharmendra????

      ..and again what is the fourth movie in which Amitabh and Dharmendra have co-starred together.. You cant be referring to Andha Kanoon or Naseeb or even Hum Kaun hai?????

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