Dharmendra and his directors

  1. Name Dharmendra’s first movie with Ramesh Sippy.
  2. Which is the only Dharmendra-starrer directed by Bimal Roy?
  3. Name the director of the first Dharmenra-Hema Malini starrer – “Tum Haseen Main Jawan” (1970).
  4. Name the director of Dharmendra’s debut movie.
  5. Which director cast Dharmendra and Hema Malini in a series of hits in the 70s? (Hint: “Jugnu” – 1973 was one of them)
  6. Who directed Dharmendra’s home production “Pratiggya” (1975)?
  7. Dharmendra had to almost sell his bungalow to produce “Satyakam” (1969). Who was the original choice for directing this movie?
  8. Name the director who cast Dharmendra in two of his movies that released in 1977.
  9. Name any one director who cast Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan together in a movie apart from “Sholay” (1975).
  10. Name Guru Dutt’s brother who directed Dharmendra in a hit movie that released in 1968.
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6 Responses to Dharmendra and his directors

  1. Chris says:

    Here are some answers,
    1.Seeta aur Geeta.
    3.Bhappi Sonie.
    4.Arjun Hingorani.
    5.Pramod Chakravorthy.
    6.Dulal Guha.
    8.Manmohan Desai.
    9.Vijay Anand.
    10.Atma Ram.

  2. gbk says:

    Hmmm!!!!.. This time, I must be right on track..Wanna bet Shashi???..lol

    1 Seeta aur Geeta
    2 Bimal Roy
    3 The Ambitious Bhappi Sonie
    4 of course, Arjun Hingorani
    5 The Legendary Pramod Chakravorty
    6 Dulal Guha
    7 No idea????
    8 The all-time Great Manmohan Desai
    9 Vijay Anand and Maybe, Hrishikesh Murkherji
    10. of course, At-Maram with the “Super-duper” Hit.. Shikar

    At least a 9/10 is good enough, isn’t it??

  3. dharamgaram says:

    Yes, both of you get a 9/10.

    For #7, Hrishikesh Mukherjee himself was the original choice 🙂 Caught you with a bouncer, right? Yes, that’s the right answer. Dharmendra was very much impressed by his directorial capabilities in Anupama and hence chose to cast himself with pretty much the same team in Satyakam (1969).

    • GKK says:

      I was surprised that Dharmendra didn’t win the Filmfare Best Actor Award for Satyakam in 1969.. I feel his performance was better than Ashok Kumar’s (The winner) for Bramachiri….. To even make it more insulting, he was not even Nominated….And Rajesh Khanna received 2 for Itefaq and Aradhana..

      As “Acting per se”, Dharmendra was the most “Underrated” of his generation.. What say, Dharamgaram???

      • dharamgaram says:

        @GKK – Do you mean Shammi Kapoor for Brahmachari?

        Yes, Dharmendra WAS one of the most underrated actors of his generation. If you watch any of his movies, irrespective of the director, the performances were fabulous. I am not saying this because I am his fan, but because of the kind of roles he portrayed. He was and IS a ‘lambi race ka ghoda’ 🙂

  4. gbk says:

    Truer words have never been said “Bhai”.. and yes thanks, I actually meant “Ashirwaad” or so for Ashok Kumar

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